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Commercial Insurance & More in Halifax

Since Nova Scotia’s “Golden Age,” Jack & Co Ltd has offered comprehensive insurance plans for individuals, families and businesses. Today, our Halifax-based brokerage provides a suite of personal and commercial insurance products for autos, homes, businesses, and professionals.

Comprehensive Insurance Plans for Nova Scotia
If you’re looking for a comprehensive insurance strategy, you can rely on our knowledge and experience — call Jack & Co today to discuss your personal or commercial insurance in Halifax needs As a company guided by a duty to serve, if there’s a product we don’t provide, we would be happy to recommend you to another brokerage.

Did You Bring Your Umbrella?
In Nova Scotia, you never know what the weather may bring — the same is true in life and business. Umbrella insurance plans, also known as “excess insurance,” are a great way to ensure your family or business isn’t left out in the rain. Discuss an umbrella plan with Jack & Co Ltd by giving us a call at 902-422-1313 (in Halifax) or 902-462-0455 (in the Dartmouth/Cole Harbour areas).

Afterhours Claims
For afterhours claims, please visit our Claims page to contact your insurance provider directly.


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At Jack & Co Ltd, we have a long history of respecting clients’ right to privacy, while also safeguarding their personal information. After changes to federal legislation, our privacy policy (PDF) has been updated and made available to the public. This should help clients better understand why we collect customer information, how we use and protect this information, and under which situations personal information may be disclosed. You can be assured that your personal information will always be handled in a manner any reasonable person would deem appropriate for the circumstances.